'About Thames Ditton' is delivered Direct to 6,500 homes and businesses in Thames Ditton, Weston Green and Long Ditton.
New Residents   dozens of people are moving into Thames Ditton every month. In most cases these residents are new to the area and have no local knowledge. They are looking for guidance and 'About' offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of these new potential customers.
It works    'About' is very widely read and used. Most of our advertisers will appear month after month because 'About' works and will generate business for them.
Price   'About' represents incredible value if your target market includes the residents of Thames Ditton.
It is truly local   All advertisers operate in or close to the area. There is strong evidence that truly local services are preferred by the majority of the UK population.
Longevity    'About' isn't thrown away each week like a local newspaper. People keep it as a reference for the whole month.
Quality   'About' has a very high standard of full colour print and production using 200gsm glossy cover and 115gsm glossy paper inside with perfect binding, which gives longevity to the magazine. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure that you look your best and that your company is proud to be featured and associated with a high quality publication.
No VAT   The price you see is the price you pay - unlike most publications where an extra 20% is added to the bill. This is because we are a small independently run business.
Social Media   Our social media advertising opportunities are available to print advertisers. About Thames Ditton leads on print but our strong social media reach is a complementary asset to advertisers that are deepening their digital strategy.
We deliver to 6,500 doors in Thames Ditton,
Weston Green and Long Ditton